I'm a photographer. I'm also a wife, mom of teens plus a little, a sister, and a friend. I believe God has given me this work because it expands me creatively and enriches my subjects' confidence and memories. “I didn’t know I look like that!” is one my favorite reactions to hear at gallery reveals. Another (usually from Mom) is, "That's exactly the same face she makes with me at home!"

Great portraits remind us of the best of who we are, and the connections that impact us beyond even time. It thrills my heart to capture this magic in my clients’ stories!

When you arrive at your session, I want it to feel like I’m an old friend, not a stranger with a big camera. That's because portraits are best when the subject and photographer have a relationship of trust. Keep reading to get to know me, beyond the camera.

Meet Emily Gilliam

For fun

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About me

  • Jared is my husband and high school sweetheart.

           we've been BFFs since I was 16

  • We have three precious, witty kids.

           ages 19, 15, and 8

  • I love decorating and dance.

          more wall space and pointe shoes, please

  • I'm a reflective introvert and Enneagram 4.

            ...who also loves theme parties

  • I started my photography journey in 2020, fell into a deep-dive, and never stopped learning.

           I'm thrilled I get to celebrate confidence

Gilmore Girls or The Office

Taylor Swift and iced coffee

Pilates or walks with my lab, Lily

memoirs and biographies

and connection in my subjects!