Spring Ball / Senior Prom

Part of my work with The Saint Constantine School in Houston is designing the school yearbook. And part of designing the yearbook is organizing Senior Student Superlatives.

The entire high school student body gets to vote. This spring, I was so tempted to toss in a “Cutest Couple” category–because these two are, and they certainly would win! (We opted to keep Superlatives as individual titles, which is the most honoring choice in a small school setting.)

But still. These two!

Lucy, you are a treasure. You made Noah’s high school experience far the richer. I hear moms aren’t supposed to like their son’s first girlfriend–but I won the lottery by having you in his life. Whatever comes, I’ll always be rooting for you.

Lucy’s wearing her own design, created by her mom, and carrying a shawl a from a beloved and belated family friend. Senior prom couture was never better.

senior prom

June 13, 2024

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