When Israel suggested we incorporate a luxury sports car into his senior session, I wondered how this would possibly transpire. 1) Whose? 2) Where? 3) How much?

The day of our session in Downtown Houston, I learned: 1) it’s a mystery (my guess is a bar owner), 2) on the street in front of said bar, sectioned away from all traffic, and 3) for free, just a moment stolen with an elite-grade BMW, with all the care and respect we could show. Israel recognized the car’s model and told me all about it. I’ve forgotten those bits. But the photos live on!

After our jaunt around store fronts, rooftops, and stairwells, as the sun cast its last moments of twilight, I suggested “one more,” and opened the door of my Mazda crossover. She’s luxury to me.

This urban session with Israel, who was willing to go the extra mile “for the shot,” proved a dream!

June 14, 2024

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